Just a line to thank you for the difference this wonderful course is making in my life. I am learning key lessons in the art of REAL living not merely existing like a robot, and so much more. I would love to continue to grow under your guidance in future courses, if at all possible

Susan has created a ‘safe’ and welcoming space in ‘Zoom land’ where we can explore our innermost feelings and emotions. This is no mean feat when you consider that to the best of my knowledge none of us have met in real life”.

“Thank you for your amazing delivery of what has been an important, insightful, and life-changing course for many of the course participants.

This course is different to many of the usual being offered in that it comes with an additional element of compassion for one’s self and others.

The biggest insight that I am taking away from this course is the ‘Learning to unlearn’ this not only relates to the understanding of learned behaviours and thinking styles, the scientifically proven negativity bias we are all born with and how that impacts on our lives and the light bulb moment for me when you introduced the topic of Neuroplasticity!! This could be a whole course on its own!

I think this course should be rolled out in schools and colleges as a compulsory item in the national curriculum – it taps into not only the ever-growing need of an awareness of the need to be not only kind to yourself and others but also the planet because we live in uncertain times when the need to feed your body, mind and soul has never been greater.

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